Jul. 21, 2021

Singapore Kese Soggy Tea Cups - Stainless Steel, Chrome and More!

Stoppages of Stojke beverages are a rage these days with the ever increasing popularity of the Singapore location for expatriates to chill and have a good cool beverage. With more expat centres opening up here, the demand for beverages like Stojke and Munchy among others is quite high these days. This has been a great help for companies like Stojo to expand their market in Singapore and earn a strong turnover with the local population.

As a company that provides quality stofolders and cups at an affordable price, stock Singapore makes sure that we provide our clients with the best service and also offer a wide variety to choose from. Our company also stocks all the popular brands in the market, both local and from overseas. We try our best to give our clients with an excellent customer care experience so that they keep coming back to us for their other needs as well. We know that our customers want to drink coffee cups which are spill proof, leak proof, recyclable and durable.

Stojke and Munchy cups are some of our most popular products, mainly because of the excellent quality we offer. Our clients are very happy with our quality and our delivery services, since we have an authorised reseller programme. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee and want to make a good impression, then using a stojo Singapore personalised cup would be a good choice. These cups are also great for those people who like to go out drinking or partying. You will not worry about the leakages and the dirtiness when using one of these. As a personalised cup, you can even get your name written on it and this is something really nice for celebrations and special occasions.

Stojke and Biggie cups are made from high quality materials like stainless steel, copper and aluminium, making them strong and corrosion free. The design and the pattern of the cup are what makes the difference, because if you compare a stock Singapore coffee cup with the biggie and the collapsible cups, the former two are heavier than the latter. You might also think why the prices are different. Well, the price differences are because of the features and the quality that we offer.

The Biggie and the collapsible cups are available in a variety of colours. The colours available are pink/red, black, silver, copper, gold and many more. Personalised stojes are also available for our clients, such as their name, the date of birth, the name of the occasion and a personal message. For special occasions like Mother's Day, we also offer a variety of personalised mugs and pink / red flocked ones for the mothers. We know that our clients are very important, so we give out free customised stojes and mugs.

The Personalised solo cup range makes it easy for people to get hold of a mug that has that personalised effect. If you want something with a little more personalised touch, we have a selection of the Personalised kese_a cup and the Personalised Kayse_a cup. These can be personalised in the traditional style of our customers. If you want something less personalised, we have the non-personalised styles available too, such as plain grey case_of cups and plain grey collapsible cups. Now I don't know about you, but I sure would love some mugs from Singapore and the company that manufacture them makes sure that they will last a long time.